Jade seeds are available in the following flavors and sizes: Price: $2.50 each
Lemon Peel (dry) 1.5oz Sweet Whole Plums 2oz Pickled Mango 1.5oz
Lemon Peel (wet) 2oz Dry Sweet Peach 3oz Sweet Sour Apricots 2oz
Licorice Plums 2oz Baby Li Hing Mui 2oz Cracked Seed 4oz
Li Hing Mui (dry) 1.5oz Licorice Peach 2oz Crunchy Sweet Sour Papaya 4oz
Li Hing Mui (wet) 1.5oz Shredded Ginger 2oz Sweet Sour Cherry 2oz
Shredded Mango 2.5 oz Mango Seed 2.5oz Sweet Sour Guava 1.8oz
Rock Salt Plum 2oz Football Seeds 2oz Sweet Sour Ume 2oz
Salted Plums 2.3oz Seedless Plum 2oz Li Hing Powder 1.5 oz
Sweet Sour Plums 2oz Seedless Li Hing Mui 1.5oz